Poem (2 year mile)

Ive posted this a bit early as my partner passed 5th May 2022.


The 5th of May has paved the way,
A journey end 2 years today,
My partner gone by the cruelest cause ,
It’s left it’s mark my life has froze,
It has destroyed broke all I had,
And left my son a motherless lad,
I cannot seem to brake a smile,
Make a go it’s been a while,
Her presence meant so much to me,
The bond we had for all to see,
To have that taken just like that,
Is something I just can’t combat,
I’m not as strong as some may think,
I won a battle with the drink,
But that was won when we were two,
To battle as one is completely new,
I carry on she is a miss,
She may look on from the abyss,
So if she knows our loves so true,
That builds my strength to get me through.


That’s beautiful , really resonates with me .

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