Poem about grief

The Journey

Time passes new memories are made

No longer hear your voice or imagine you in my head

That time never forgotten each Christmas gets easier

We’ve done it before

Grief protects you but doesn’t help you see the way

The resilience the strength you’ve gained because of the time that you faced

Shes still with me even though shes gone

I am her daughter she made me who i am today

It just hurts that it has to be this way

The darkness fades the light shines through

Until the next time it comes to stay

There will be a next time but for now im ok,


This is lovely, @StarHeart, thanks for sharing it with us :blue_heart:

I like your poem. I fail to see how grief protects you. It’s the enemy

My daughter read two poems at my wife’s funeral last week but this one line has helped me to understand and deal with my grief by dwelling on the positive, the good times and happy memories we had together

It works for me

Hallowed Ground

by Thomas Campbell

To live in hearts we leave behind Is not to die.

Hi Steven

The line in my poem grief protects you.It means it protects in the way that your in so much shock.It makes you feel numb so you dont have to be face real life.Its more about how the body reacts to grief,That wasnt meant to be a positive line.
There is a phrase in psychology which says the brain is there to protect you not to make you happy.

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Hi starheart
my own personal experience of grief has not done anything for me but made my life worse.
Whilst I like your poem I do not agree with the bit about protecting

I think that we are all individuals and experience bereavement and loss differently. I’m an engineer and cannot comment upon the psychology theory

My approach however is that the bereavement started 2 1/2 years ago (possibly before) with my wife’s terminal diagnosis. We managed to get some counselling support for her from Sue Ryder.

In many ways the hardest part was looking into her beautiful eyes and watching her slip away as her health failed her. Now she is at eternal peace with no pain which is my solace and I

she could not rest in peace if she could see me as a tortured soul in eternal turmoil!

I will love her until the end of time and I will try to put my own life back together as best I can

This is my own coping strategy

Hi steven and Cat_fan im so sorry for your loss.
I think everyones journey through grief is different.People just find their own ways to cope.Poems can mean different things to different people.Writing poetry is just how i cope.I only started writing poetry after my mum died.

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Hi all,

Thank you for sharing your poetry and experiences of loss here. It really does show that grief is unique to an individual and although people can have similarities and understand one another in so many ways, how you feel and react to grief is deeply personal.

It may be helpful to look at Sue Ryder’s Grief Guide, which is a relatively new resource we have produced to help you understand and cope with bereavement, as well as personal experiences and stories from others who are grieving.

A good starting point is our ‘Am I normal?’ article: Sue Ryder Grief Guide

Thank you again for sharing here and for being a kind member of our community to support others.

Take good care,

Sue Ryder Online Community

Poems are such an elegant and beautiful way to convey our thoughts and feelings and my wife was an English teacher and also taught creative writing as well as studying the classics

I’m sure it’s a positive way to express your thoughts and feelings.

“She is Gone’ by David Haskins also helped me to get my head around the situation and how I believe she would want me to deal with my grief.

My family and especially my grandchildren are a huge comfort