Poem about losing my partner

I recently felt the need to write a poem about grief, I find poetry helps me release emotions and thoughts I am not dealing with.

A Drop in the Ocean of Grief

Grief like an ocean, depth of an abyss unexpected waves drop on the faces of eternity.

Moments in memories stepping stones reflecting in rock pools; there to be touched just out of reach.

Hearts break like the dawn every morning; evening sunsets ebb and flow like waves crashing in the arms of the harbour.

Sleep to little, sleep to much; can’t start, can’t stop; can’t think, can’t rest; go out, want to be home; stay home, want to be out; moon is out sun is up; tide is in,tide is out.

Grief hides underneath, undercurrents waiting to knock you off your feet. Just as you feel safe it engulfs you, drowns you and spits you out to dry.

Surrounded by sand, sinking deeper, deeper can’t get out. Nothing to hold on to loosing a grip. Head above water? Head in the sand!

Sit on the pebbles, sit on the beach, Waiting for sunrise, a sign, a gift from above, a moment to remember the one that you Love.

The ice cream, the breeze, the sun cream; scraped knees. Tea cups and chatter, chips and the batter; love in abundance is that all that matters?

Time is a healer, life is a bitch how do I know which bit is which? Time slips through fingers as if they were glass, each grain leaving as a moment is passed.

Love cuts deep, like water on stone; grief cuts deeper now I’m alone. Miss your hand, miss your kiss, miss your love in the heart aches abyss.

Like the sky meets the sea, like the sea meets the shore our love is forever of that I am sure.

Best wishes


Thank you for sharing this poem how true it all is it does come in big waves and knocks us back down
So sorry for your loss I understand how writing down how you feel helps some days it is so hard to find any thing that helps us with our loss the pain is worse ever 14 months for my loss of my husband he was my life how do we live with out them must be positive
Thank you again and take care xx


Beautifully put.

I read this somewhere and thought I’d share it.
"It’s almost like you’re standing in the sea as a child -
One minute it’s really calm, and the next minute a massive wave just comes and takes you out. "

G. X

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Just so amazing, thank you for sharing xx

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That’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing. The thing I miss most since Steve has died is walking and holding his hand so that line really means so much. Sending love your way. :sparkling_heart:

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How lovely . Thank you . You are very talented . I too often find writing helps . Not very good at poetry but just writing down how you feel is good . This forum is helpful too, knowing how others feel and also knowing there really are NO answers are there . We have to muddle through each day the best we can .
Caring thoughts to all :cry: