Poem about my friends passing

The passing of my Joy
Poem by Lauren

You were gone so soon,
Just like that,
Off with the wind,
Your clothes on your back

I didn’t have time to say my goodbyes,
The grave was filled with my empty cries.

I miss you every day,
I miss you all the time,
I think about the person you would be now,
If you hadn’t died

I’m mad about your passing,
and how I wasn’t there,
How you might not now be a ghost,
Of the person who used to be there.

My love goes with you,
Along with your body and mind,
But your soul departed,
It came to join mine.

I’ll carry you with me,
For the rest of the journey,
It’s a hard one to come,
Thought exiting.

I cherish the time we had,
Before you went away,
You will be solely missed,
My joy, my friend


Hi @LaurenAH . I’m so sorry about your close friend , the poem is absolutely beautiful and she would love it . Take care.
Love Angie xx

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