Poem for my love

I’ll never get to hug you tight,
or even give you a kiss goodnight.
To see your smile upon your face,
memories and dreams are now in it’s place.

We had our plans you and I,
now gone forever, in a blink of an eye.
My future without you by my side,
Is no future, my future died.

The day God took you in his care,
I screamed and screamed this is not fair.
Your photo on the shelf i see,
I need you back looking out for me.

I miss you more and more each day,
I visit your grave, i want to stay.
I wish i could see you one more time,
Just to say I LOVE YOU, your still mine.

Im no poet, :cry::broken_heart:


That is beautifully written and tells the readers a lot of feelings you are experiencing and love .
You say your not a poet.
Thats what i said about myself.
Now ive wrote over 30 in a 2yr period.
Alot ive put on here.
Once we go on a journey though grief ,i think our minds open up to feelings we never experienced before and for me i find it a good idea to write them down and they produce a poem.
Carry on .they help me in some ways.


So beautiful and reflective! I can resonate with every word written - thank you so much for sharing :heavy_heart_exclamation: