Poem - Grief is a Wound

This has been coming to me slowly over the last month or so. I’m not much of a poet but it feels true so thought I’d share.

Grief is a wound:
at first it gushes,
haemorrhaging feeling.

Begins to close,
raw and jagged,
blisters to the touch;
easily reopened
if pressed
against the bitter edge.

Healing is arrhythmic,
spurts and starts,
punctuating numbness.

The wound oozes
with the breath
-a fevered ache
that itches,
throbs and needles,
seeps its longing.

Days dawn with seeming calm
-perhaps, perhaps
the fever’s breaking.

Pain redoubles
-clenched heart, gritted teeth -
ebbs again
bit by bit,

Finally, a scar,
borne faithfully.
Memorial to something loved
deep enough
to leave a mark.


Hi @Mourningbird,

Thank you so much for sharing your poem with us :blue_heart:

Take good care,

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Thank you for sharing this. Its such a powerful poem and i am so glad i got the chance to read it x

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