Poem (guaranteed)


Today my life at 53,
I think way back and disagree,
With many choices made by me,
They paved my future guaranteed,
I guaranteed to live as one,
I’ve had my share of love "that’s gone ",
I guarantee my grief won’t end,
With time I know the hurt won’t mend,
I guarantee I will offend,
I’m false I just pretend my friend,
I guarantee I’m half the man,
I try and do what most men can,
I guarantee my life’s no fun,
I’ve past the point of a re-run,
I guarantee health will diminish,
My hunger pains well they just vanish,
I guarantee I’ll lose another,
It’s on the cards my mother’s brother,
I guarantee he’ll get good care,
And as a family we’ll be there,
And with that thought,
I look back with a smile,
I made one perfect choice,
YES CHERYL by a mile.


Hi @Dorafrench ,

Thank you so much for sharing this with the community :blue_heart:

Take good care,

Thats such a powerful poem. Thank you for sharing it x

Beautiful x

Thankyou it means so much to me that people like my poems and gives me the motivation to carry on creating them.
36 written upto now and i wont stop until i run out of passion and my feelings change some how.xx

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