Poem/reading at the wake.

I read out the poem The Dash by Linda Ellis. This to me sums up my hubby, his life and makes people think . What did you have read and why?

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I wrote and read this for my mama last Feb.

“if yu can hear me”

I just wanted to say
I love you and goodbye
I’m already missing you dearly
I promise I’m trying not to cry.

I will never forget our talks
Conversations on the phone
How happy you were to see me
Whenever I’d come home.

I admire you for just being you
Kind, gentle and headstrong
Living, loving and laughing
Even when things were going wrong.

You worried so much about me
I worried about you too
This was what I was scared of
It’s the hardest thing I’ll do

From holding me to holding mine
Thank you for all that you done
You’ve left a lot of memories
And I’m proud you’re my mum

I’ll take care of the animals
Nan and Grumps as well
I’ll tell the girls all about you
And watch out for Pell

I hope you’re up there dancing
No longer in pain
Meeting up with everyone
Enjoying yourself again

You’ve always been my angel
But now you’re on my shoulder
Please watch over me mum
Guide me as I get older.

Now it’s time for me to go
But tonight I will toast
In loving memory of you
The woman I love the most

Hi Ginnysgirl
That’s beautiful I’m sure your Mum would be proud. X

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