To have so many memories that we share
Especially the laughter and the joy
We know how much we miss you
And we sometimes feel blue

We know it will get easier as each day goes by
For sure you ll be watching over us from the heavens
And we ll keep smiling and living until we can meet again
Because it will really ease our pain

So finally my love sleep in heavenly peace


Written for my mother in law who died of covid 19



This is a beautiful poem @Jane456. You’ve written this poem so well, thank you for sharing with us all :slight_smile:

I hope it helps other people

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Jane, thank you so much for not only writing the poem but also sharing and hoping it helps other. That is a very kind gesture, I know it will help others who have gone through what you must have endured over the past months. Sending you love and blessings xx

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