The colours of the rainbow
Shine bright and clear
When we’re sitting down having a beer
As the colours reflect on the landscape

Orange red yellow and blue
They shine brihtly in the sky
As the colours never fade
It gives us a sense of hope

Dear Jane456,

I love this poem. It evokes for me the way in which simple pleasures become so important in the wake of death, and also how death can give us a greater perspective on life, and focus our minds to be more attentive to regular, everyday beauty.

I lost my father thirteen years ago now, when I was fourteen. It has definitely shaped my outlook on the world profoundly.


I wrote that poem when I was in hosp with depression
Which I did recover from but I am now in deep despair again so I am dying from my depression this time

If I can help people before I go with my poetry I will

Hi Jane,

Sorry to hear about your depression. How are you now? Are you in hospital or at home?

Warm regards,