Poetry...A Place for Me...


There is a special place in life that needs my humble skill,
A certain job I’m meant to do which no one else can fulfill.

The time will be demanding and the pay is not too good
And yet I wouldn’t change it for a moment – even if I could
There is a special place in life, a goal I must attain,
A dream that I must follow, because I won’t be back again.

There is a mark that I must leave, However small it seems to be,
A legacy of love for those who follow after me

There is a special place in life that only I may share,
A little path that bears my name, awaiting me somewhere.

There is a hand that I must hold, a word that I must say,
A smile that I must give for there are tears to blow away.

There is a special place in life that I was meant to fill.
A sunny spot where flowers grow, upon a windy hill.

There’s always a tomorrow and the best is yet to be,
And somewhere in this world, I know there is a place for me.

~ Anon…

Hi Jackie,
I loved your poem. You have reminded me of my love of poetry maybe a past time I can take up again. Anything to help with this awful grief would help.

I have not long joined a local U3A group and i am to be taken this mid week to their " poetry " group…but of course the only poetry i have been looking up is about " grieving " our loss…