Positive thinking

Read this in a magazine today written by a psychologist & Thot I’d share it.

Positive thinking doesn’t mean you have to be happy all the time, it simply refers to a mindset where you approach hardship in a more productive way.

G. X


Dear @Grandma

Thank you for sharing the positive words with the Community.

Take care.


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Hi Grandma, I totally get that.
I was a complete mess when my Carole died in April and couldn’t see it changing.
However I have been strong enough recently to tune out the negative thoughts, the overthinking and all the other emotions which weren’t helping.
I am starting to take care of myself better and believing that their is still a life for me, however different.
I also see a hypnotherapist who has been a Godsend and shown me the value of my positive thoughts and made me appreciate my little victories.
I still very much get my sad times and realise these are a natural part of the grief cycle, knowing this also helps.
Need to be more motivated but I am sure in time I will be.


I agree totally.

17months on, I too have my moments anytime anywhere. (Asda lift!! :disappointed_relieved:)

I’m so grateful for the 50years we had and try not to dwell on what I don’t have now. He is just out of sight but in my thots & heart always.

Take care. G x


AHH how lovely my Leah passed 7 months ago to breast and liver cancer she was 25 yrs she leaves behind a gorgeous little man Theo and she has just been honoured at her graduation I’m so proud of her I’m still trying to find a way to think positive thoughts but it’s still so raw but with the help of my new lovely people on here I’m sure that I will be able to think a bit differently with time thank you everyone XX shellyanne

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@Shellyanne I carnt even begin to think what your going through, life’s so cruel sometimes isn’t it, your daughter leah would be so proud of you, Theo must give you so much strength, I bet he can always put a little smile on your face
I lost my Mam 7 weeks ago, she was my best friend :heart: :broken_heart: I’m so lost without her, just not fare
What an amazing thing aswell for her to be honoured at her graduation it breaks my heart what you’ve been & going through
Take good care of your self

Hi Jan yes I’m so proud of her she had her whole life in front of her she was a fun person crazy sense of humour but a devoted mum to Theo she idolised him and him her I miss her terribly I keep expecting her to txt me some daft txts or ask daft questions with her mate when they used to prank me all the time. Theo will be fine he’s with his dad and the family idolise him. I just miss her cancer is the most awful disease I just wish for everyone they could find a cure. So sorry everyone for being negative this morning feel very lost and alone XX :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Hi grandma hope you are ok I had my moments last week in Tesco I just burst into tears and I couldn’t stop I had to run out so your not the only one. Sending you loads of love. Shellyanne XX :heavy_heart_exclamation::two_hearts:

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@Shellyanne don’t ever apologise, your not being negative your heart is broken my lovely :broken_heart:
Don’t know the weather for everyone today but we’re I live it’s nice and sunny, felt like laying on the settee all day but no I’m not, I’m goin to walk to the beach which is 10mins walk away and take my Harry, my cockerpoo onto the beach, he loves it on there but I havnt taken him since losing my mam I just walk him across the Rd to the park.
A grief counsellor I listen to 'julia samuel ’ always says that getting outside is so important when your grieving, it clears your mind and helps you relax in your thoughts.
Take care and hopefully today is a bit more easier on you

Thank you I do try and get out daily even going to work sometimes I think Christ another day of heartache and pain but I drag myself out bills still need paying my dogs need going out I just try plodding on not enjoying plodding just getting through the day that’s all we can do all of us. But it’s nice to know we can come in here to help ease the pain va little XX :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Morning everyone.

Todays little pearl of wisdom.

Just one small positive thought in the morning can change the rest of your day. :heart:

G. Xx

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Just mentioning this in case anyone is interested.

“Good Grief”, a documentary with Rev. Richard Coles, is on Chanel 4 next Monday, 8th August, at 10pm.

“He goes on a personal grief voyage and tries some unconventional activities that have helped others live with loss”.

I did read his book “The Madnes of Grief” and I personally “enjoyed” it - if that’s the right word when talking about grief so I shall give it a go.

I’m up for anything that makes life even a teeny bit easier though my knees are not as they were so I do hope his “unconventional activities” aren’t too strenuous!


@Wingingit thanks deffiantly watch it, il try anything that might help. I’m forever listening to grief podcasts aswell

Thanks Wingingit. I had heard about the documentary but wasn’t sure when it was on. It will be a bit of an emotional one because Monday is John’s and my 24th wedding anniversary.
Generally speaking, I’ve tried to go with the positive thinking every day since John passed 19 months ago. I know that that’s what he’d want me to do. Most of the time it works reasonably well, but I can still randomly burst into tears in a public place!

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I’m sure we’re all “guilty” of that @HeidiT, positive thinkers included.
Maybe record the TV programme to watch another day given the significance of Monday for you?
Or watch on “catch up” or whatever it’s called?
Sending positive vibes your way for Monday.
Take care.

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Thank you @Wingingit. I appreciate the vibes.
I think I’ll see how I feel on the day (or night in this case). I am very lucky to have some lovely friends who will make sure that I have company if I need it. I would like to see the documentary though so am glad we live in an age where catch up/recording is possible if I don’t feel up to watching it ‘live’.

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