Pre-death grief

My younger sister, now in her 70’s, has for a few years been saying that if anything happens to her husband, she would do what Thelma and Louise did at the end of the movie of that same name. It always seemed that she was saying this in jest.
Now her husband has advanced and metastasized prostrate cancer. It might be progressing in a downward spiral, even with chemotherapy.
My sister has been making her statement more often now and recently said to my son, her nephew (who is in the social work field) “If he goes, I go.” My three sons and I are very concerned and we don’t know what to do. She has made it clear that neither she nor her husband would consider any therapy, whether individual or group.
Does anyone have any ideas or advice? We don’t know if we should ask her if her is really contemplating taking her own life if her were to die. Preformatted text

Hello, first I want to welcome you to the site and hope that you get useful information regarding your conundrum. Your sister has put you in a very difficult position and perhaps sitting down over a meal or and a drink may help you to ask her the question.
Myself, at the beginning of of the pandemic I said if I contracted the virus I would not want to be ventilated and kept alive only to end up physical disabled because not being the youngest person it made prefect sense but now it would be a different a story.
Perhaps when things happen it may work out different to what you and your sister thinks. Non of us know how we will feel in the morning and you may be worrying for nothing which is what I do hope happens.
We all make life choices and I am afraid they are our own choices. I am afraid I haven’t been much help and I do hope others post replies that help you. Please take care of yourself S xxx

Thank you Susie! Sitting down over dinner or a drink is a good idea. You are right! Things could definitely feel different when faced with the actual situation. We just want to know we have tried everything and take. my sister’s clues and dropping of hints seriously.