Preparing for loss of a child

My 12 year old nephew is disabled and due to his complex needs he is now receiving palliative care. We don’t know if he has days, weeks or months. His mum (my sister) is single and he is her only child. What can I do to prepare and help her (and my children) survive her/our inevitable loss?

I’m so sorry to hear about your nephew. So devastating for such a young child, his mother, and all the rest of the family.
The only thing I can think of right now to recommend is Winstons Wish. I know they help children who have been bereaved, and if they can’t help I’m sure they’d be able to signpost you or your sister to the right place.
Sending prayers and light to the whole family

Hi Sandy, how lovely of you to be thinking ahead. These situations are never easy and I am sure the care team will be preparing you all for what lies ahead. Yes, Winstons Wish are excellent and for your sister there will be family support team connected to the care team.
Other things which you can involve children with are a memory box and photo albums, really it’s anything that keeps the memory of your nephew alive helping with the grief and loss.
Talking about death and what you believe happens, whether it’s angles and haven, just what you believe, so long as you talk about it and not push it under the carpet and the same goes for the funeral.
You are right we don’t know when things are going to happen but you sound so sensible you will be a great pillar of support to your sister. I am thinking of you and sending you my prayers and blessings. Hang in there because you will be needed. Bless you. Sxxx

Thank you for your suggestions and kind words x

Thank you. I will investigate your suggestion. Take care x