…sorry if my poems are getting to frequent…but writing them helps me…I hope others can relate…it’s how I’m feeling :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I feel so lost and so alone
In this place that we called home
The magic’s gone, I can’t deny
So many things just make me cry

Our special place, we loved to be
Is now a prison, just for me
In every part, I see your mark
And every time, I fall apart

All the things we planned remain
Progressing them just causes pain
Even though I know you’d want me to
I just can’t bring myself to do

I’m trying hard, I want to stay
But it gets harder everyday
The future looks so cold and bare
So empty now that your not there

So what to do, I cannot see
The future that’s in front of me
I’m marking time at best, it’s true
Can’t see a future without you

…love to everyone…:broken_heart:


So true. Sending hugs and love to everyone.


Loveley words and funny because today i was sat alone in my house thinking this feels like a prison now and im doing a life sentence .lost my partner 5 weeks ago .And just carnt see any life or future without him .please someone tell me it does get a bit easier to bare xx


…no sure I can say it gets easier…but you learn to adapt…well I am still adapting…:heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hi Unityman

Your words relate so strongly to how so many of us feel, and we just can express them the way you do. Personally I love reading them and please keep writing :two_hearts:


Ya know that’s what i thought today too ! Like im imprisoned in my own home sometimes because im so sick of explaining to people how i feel or why im sad ! I dont see why i have to justify it when i lost my husband of 35 flipping years ! X if i wanna be sad i will be sad and sod everybody else ! I dont really care ! X


Thanks i hope so its so hard .please keep writing your poems they are so good xxx


Hi deb5 and well said you have to be true to yourself .i hate going out and seeing people i know .But now when they ask are you ok i say no i never will be .This group is my comfort a nd support where you can be yourself and havnt to justify yourself cos we alk get it so keep on posting xxx


Yeh exactly … why should we pretend to be happy … its a sad time and if people cant understand that its their problem not mine x

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Morning UnityMan,
No, your poems are not getting to frequent as they help us in our struggle of feeling alone. Your heartfelt words resonate with many of us on this caring site and although we don’t know each other physically I feel a strong connection spiritually with fellow sufferers and that has to be a good vibe.
Sun is shining and now to try and plan something anything to get through the day. So hard when you can’t help looking back to how we and our loved ones would have spent the day. Wish I could make more sense of why we are chosen to have to go through.
Have decided to clean out the summer house and maybe do some gardening.
Thoughts of you all.