Hello every one my dr has prescribed me Prozac for my grief
Has any one tried this as to be honest I’m a little scared x

Hi Zen, well a while ago I got given tablets from my GP and a lady who is a retired GP said read the side affects on the enclose leaflet which made me put them down the toilet. So I had taken 3 of them and that’s all. One to one counselling is much better in my own opinion and it did work plus alternative therapies which makes it easy to sleep.
No one can take the pain away from losing the one person in your life that meant more than yourself to you. Yes time is a leader but it’s not a quick fix and to be honest there isn’t one.
Sorry I am not helping but from that time at the doctors I have tried to stay away because I felt that I could have gone down the wrong road.
Think carefully and please look at the alternatives out there. At the end of the day it’s your choice and it may help but be careful please.Sue Ryder is here to help, use their online service, it’s a start. Take care.