Puddle in water

I have been trying to make sense of where my mum has gone after she passed away nearly 6 years this November. It’s haunting me it’s comforting but heartbreaking at same time.
Grief has taught me she hasn’t really left me that my mum is looking at me through a puddle in water. She’s not in heaven or hell I’m an atheist always will be but this feeling I have tremendous. I even believe in extraterrestrials who visit our planet and they take away our loved ones when they leave us. I know it sounds incredible ok there’s no proof but why do I believe it. Is it the feelings of grief and the pain I am feeling.
I truly believe my mum was taken by these people to their planet and one day when humanity is ready to greet these people and were at a level technologically they will want to visit us but bring our loved ones with them and then we can say we never truly lost them. My mum is looking at me through a puddle in a water. I can’t see her but she can see me. It’s a fantastic belief it gives me hope I’ll get to see my mum again and this nightmare of grief will finally be over.
I’d be interested to hear if people agree with me or if they have experienced this feeling.

you almost live in the same cotton candy comfort world that I do.
I was a lonely only child. I lost my mom in 2016 my dad 2013.

I was very close to them. I never was religious but I must have some
feeling of them being around otherwise I cannot handle life.

So I know how you feel. I have not done a good job with my life. I was too dreamy
and expectant. Though I thought I was so cool and tough — a journalist. That was a lie.

So, to deal with their loss, I move more towards them still being around somehow
in my mind at least. I am unable to function without them.

The therapist and her supervisor were to try to wean me off of this. I could not. It is
my only comfort. It is sad. I was always strong bright and beautiful but enmeshed.

All I can say is that I also have these feelings, the only feelings of comfort I have.
I think to believe in what you need to, to cope, is better than drowning in alcohol or food.
Whatever it takes to keep going.

I recently turned down a job in another city, which I needed. I was unable. The money was also poor. People shun me but I am also unable to really move forward without my parental support. So I have been stuck a long time. I freelance. I cannot handle much more.

My answer is longer than your question! I apologize. But their loss almost has me at the end of my rope. I think the therapist disabusing me of the notion they live on was very frightening to me as I do not even have a boyfriend to take me into the next phase of life.

Sorry. I am talking too much.

Hello…I remember reading a book once I can’t remember the name of the author or the title of the book, but this author believed that we are all from another planet & that we are sent here in human form for whatever reason & then when the Human body ceases to function we go back to our planet so she assumed we would meet the loved ones we had on this planet again.

Her proof of this was that we do not control our bodies, we don’t send blood to our feet if there cold, our body which is a “computer” does it without our input.

She tied it in with religion saying the planet we go back to is heaven etc… I remember it being a fascinating read.

I believe we see our loved ones again but don’t know how etc…

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Hi I have had this belief and it gives me an incredible comfort that my mum was taken by extra terrestrials to another planet it was her soul taken until the day these same extraterrestrials come back to planet earth with our loved ones. This is the day we will all be reunited with our loved ones.
I truly believe my grief at losing my mum has taught me this. Why I don’t know. All I know is I see a puddle In water where all our loved ones can see us on this planet where they are. They look at us through this puddle In water but we can’t see them. They are guiding us through life keeping us safe loved and giving us hope we’ll see them again in a physical form. We have to hold on to what little hope we have left of seeing our loved ones

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No your not talking to much. You talk as much as you want.
I am like you I have no girlfriend to be there to share my feelings of grief especially someone who has going through the same feelings of grief. I feel quite lonely without that special someone. I have noticed this planet is a much lonelier world without my mum.
I am 56 years old and I never imagined in my wildest dreams I’d be living this heartbreaking existence without my mum she was a constant my mum who made life so worthwhile and now she’s no longer here I can’t bear it. What I wouldn’t give to walk into the room she’s sitting in and see her gorgeous smile and say to her mum I have been so lonely without you look in her eyes and tell her I’ve been living this 6 year nightmare that you’d left me and I felt a pain in my heart and my heart. Thank god your here now because I know now it was all a bad dream. I know the only way I can feel truly loved is to have that special someone who can shoulder the burden I feel
Some days I often think to myself how am I doing my stressful job enforcing parking. I get so much abuse from the public when I’m dealing with my own grief at losing my mum. I know it comes with my job but somehow I do my job. My grief has made me more determined more ruthless that I revel in upsetting those who abuse me. Some days I get nice comments from the public who just say it’s my fault and apologise. It would be nice if everyone was the same. Wishful thinking on my part.
I am talking to much sorry

I know how you feel. I was very close to my mom, and dad. only child.

I imagined after my dad died, him storming up the stairs to say, “Enough with this death stuff!”

Sometimes they have come to get me in my dreams. I am sorry about the job but be glad you have something to distract you. Odd after six years still so hard. So very hard. I miss my parents many times a day. I still come to this board. Keep writing, if it helps.

I loved my mom and dad so much too. They were the very best people. I will never match up to them.

Well I am glad I have something to distract me. It’s besides the point. It’s a job where you have so much pressure to contend with 10 hours a day 6 days a week. I just want to go somewhere quiet to get away from the public on the really bad days I have thinking about my mum. It’s usually when someone gives me so much abuse threatening me with a knife in my face. Can you imagine it? No one can unless they are in that situation. It’s either fight or flight. I always choose flight get away from the situation to keep myself safe. To me it’s using conflict management but on the other side of the coin I will assess a situation where I feel I can diffuse conflict
My job would be better if I didn’t have to deal with the public. I think what I’m trying to say is when your grieving it’s not easy doing my job when your having more bad days than good days. I used to go to a quiet place to cry. Occasionally I still have them bad days where I just cry.
I often wonder what my mum would think that I’m still holding this job down. I remember seeing my mum before I lost her. She was in my dads car driving past I was in work in my uniform I seen her smile and she looked proud of me. That was the last ever time I seen her when she was fairly well.
I would love to chat with my mum about my day in work tell her the funny stories and hear about my mums day. I can see her laughing now her eyes lightning up like a Christmas tree.
I took it all for granted I wish I hadn’t.

I took it for granted, and now all that I wish for is to have it all back.

England sounds as if it is getting more dangerous. I heard about the knife attacks.
We lived in Kent when I was a child in the 70s. It was idyllic.

She would be glad you still had it, I think? To be occupied.