Puddle in water

Hello all
Ever since I lost my mum for some unknown reason I know where my mum went to. Has anyone else had this same feeling that it’s to do with a puddle in water.

No haven’t had that feeling. What do you think it means

Hi well you and lots of other people may think I’m crazy thinking what puddle in the water means.
It’s something I haven’t read or heard from someone it’s just something that just came into my head not long after I lost my mum. To me it’s weird this explanation
Puddle in the water means my mum was taken just like all the billions of humans that have died to another planet that’s exactly like earth. They have a human form and extra terrestrials took them and they were told the only way they could look at all their loved ones through a puddle in water. We can’t see them only they can see us through this puddle. It’s a way for them to reach us comfort us and it’s a way for us to have that comfort that they are there and one day when this planet is ready to receive extra terrestrials to our planet they will travel to earth with our loved ones. This is only when humanity is no longer warlike full of superstitious beliefs like believing In religion a god Jesus Christ the devil and when we’ve got rid of nuclear weapons and that our technology has maybe at least reached a type one civilisation. Humanity would have to unite like it’s never done before otherwise we will destroy ourselves. The extra terrestrials have our loved ones ready to unite with us. It is a comfort for me personally. It doesn’t take away the pain of grief nor does it heal my heart only being united with my mum will do that. I truly believe the puddle in water belief ( maybe a theory) is credible

That explains it perfectly
Thank you

Hi you’re welcome.
I’d be interested to know if anyone else on this site has had the same experience. It would help me to understand that I’m not the only one experiencing this feeling.

I definitely haven’t had the same experience as you but everyone is different ,has different beliefs and hopes in life.
Any glimmer of help to get us through this grief can only be beneficial.
Thinking of you

Hi yes everyone is different. All I know it’s given me some hope however small that hope is that I’ll see my mum again. It’s better than no hope
Nice has been very cruel and taken my mum when it wasn’t her time to leave me.
I can see her looking at me through the puddle in water it’s getting me through this exact moment I miss her

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Keep going Steven and take one day at a time Thats all you can do

Thanks yeah that’s all I have been doing. I know something this site has really helped. Thanks

Hi Steven,
Am so glad you feel this site has helped. It has helped me so much over the past year. Keep posting on here because I am sure others will respond to you with helpful suggestions and advice.