why isnt my post asking about not being able to delete your own posts or private messages.ive just had to jump through hoops to find my post and ive just replied to it,yet its not appearing on the front page.WHY?


see the 2 views of this site one when im not logged in the other when I am why oh why isnt my post showing when im logged in.

Hi Ian,
It seems to be appearing on the front page as normal as far as I can see:

it isnt in the lobby when im logged in and isnt showing at all in the list when logged in.

so what ever you do as admin when responding as had an affect.this one is still showing,im awaiting this to now disappear from the lobby .

as lobby is now

not even showing when only listing the site feed back ,very puzzling

Oh, I see what’s happened, you’ve got that thread muted - you must have done it by accident. If you go back to the the conversation, scroll to the bottom, you can click the pink muted button and change it back to normal, tracking or watching. Muted just means it is hidden for you, not others.
Here’s the link to the conversation so you can go back to it easily: deleting posts

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thank you Priscilla I will have a look.and sorry if im coming across like I want trouble,i just want to be able delete posts and messages if needed.again sorry and thank you.