Question for moderators please.

May i ask a question,
I have recently had a message /sign from my loved sister, i was wondering if i would be allowed to post a little message just to thank my sister in hope she will she / know i am and have wrote a thank you to her.
It is well known it is always polite and respectful to give thanks for any messages.
I promise i only ask this for 1 time only , basically to see if i have another reply from sister soon. I have had 3 personal messages/signs already since loss of my loved sister 3 weeks ago.
I do wish to break any rules, so apologies for asking, and refusal will be accepted and understood.

Hello @Col11,

Thank you for asking :blue_heart: You are welcome to share anything you feel comfortable doing so on the community as long as it doesn’t break our community guidelines.

Have you thought about creating a journal to write to your sister? We have some tips on how to get started with grief journals here. Our Grief Guide has an online journalling tool you might find helpful.

Take good care,

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Thanks seaneen for replying ,
It will be a small message but means a lot to me just now.

Hi sis , Thank you for your message you sent yesterday, I have done what you asked. It will be ready in a few weeks.
I am still staying at mums just for now so if you need us anytime.
Hope you are ok and your life review is doing well.
Missing you so much, lots love your coll xx