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My Local radio station has started to play Christmas Music already, even under normal circumstances I think this is still far too early, but with not wanting to celebrate Christmas this year due to losing Hilary in January and dreading Christmas coming around anyroad this makes it even worse.
Anyone know any radio stations that DONT play Christmas music, not wishing to sound a Bah Humbug but I don’t really want to celebrate Christmas this year, Take Care Mickere x


Hi , I listen to greatest hits radio . As yet I haven’t heard any Xmas songs .BUT I think eventually they will play them . I always moaned at work when they started playing Xmas songs and said they shouldn’t start till 1st of December. But it feels even worse now .I have no interest in Xmas . Didn’t last year either don’t suppose I ever will again . Xmas is to share with your loved ones . I know I have family but they are not the same as partner. I guess I am a Bah Humbug. Xtake carex


Hello @mickere

Completely understand where you are coming from. I lost my husband Nov last year, so have made it through the first Christmas, but still dreading the second as reality sinks in.

I struggle to listen to the radio generally as so many songs are relationship orientated they just set me off. I know it’s not for everyone, but I ended up on Classic FM the other day just to escape all the triggers.

The telly gets turned over or muted when Christmas adverts come on too. You are not bah humbug at all, it’s called self preservation…I’m sure we are far from alone.

You take care x


I am exactly the same. I avoid everything Christmas It’s just so painful…also having my shopping delivered weekly. Martins lovely family have invited me to join them for Christmas Day; still haven’t made up my mind, but we are very close; two of Martin’s sisters are my best friends ( we’ve know each other from our School days) I know in my heart I’ll never celebrate it again, it was our most special time of year and it’s pointless without him…. Sending love to you all…xx❤️



I was going to suggest classic FM. Relaxing and no Christmas in sight x


Hi @Dottie72

I have my shopping delivered too, saves so much angst.

It’s nice that Martin’s family have invited you for Christmas, they sound lovely. At least you have some time yet before you have to make any decisions.

Take care & hugs x


Hi all - try BBC 5 live ,I have found it a god send during the last year or so. I lost two sons in 11 weeks in 2021 and had lots of sleepless nights. Xxxxxx


It really does…. Honestly, I don’t leave my house; I also work from home and have been back 3 weeks now, it’s been a struggle, but I’m getting there in terms of work. I still can’t decide what to do about Christmas :pensive:… thank you for your kind words… sending a big hug back… xx​:heart:

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Hello @Dottie72

Be kind to yourself and do everything at your own pace. You have done well getting yourself back to work, it’s a big step. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself about Christmas, see how you feel nearer the time…if you decide it’s too much I’m sure they will understand. xx

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Martins Mum and one of his sisters just popped by. They really are so lovely; his Mum said, when she sees me, she sees Martin….:broken_heart:… she was really upset. Martin lost his Father in June last year… his Mum is just devastated…. This world is cruel… She did mention again about Christmas; as she was so upset and said, yes I will be there. As you say, I will decide nearer the time, but just seeing his lovely Mum makes me feel closer to him.,. Much love :heart:X


And I’m sure you see Martin when you see them too @Dottie72 . It sounds like you would be lovely comfort for each other over Christmas…as you have a shared love. :heart: Big hugs to you xx


So sorry for your loss. The first Christmas is difficult enough without the radio stations starting so early (earlier every year) . What also makes me angry is, I listen to the local BBC Radio deliberatley to avoid adverts. They also get paid for how many times they can slip the C word into conversation and this year that started in summer! Every time they do it I complain to them, saying what I just said here, plus that I pay a TV licence, why should I then be subjected to adverts. The way I cope with this time is focusing on the old Celtic Festivals, as more people are doing that now. I also pin little notes up around the house where I can’t miss them (like by the kettle) saying ‘This Too Shall Pass’. I alos try to find things to be thankful for, like…as the weather has been so mild that has extended autumn and made the 'build up to ‘C’ time shorter. The Celtic Festival I like best is Imbolc (1st Feb) as that was a big one in days gone by to celebrate the fact that all the plants were stirring under ground. I keep planting bulbs now and looking fwd to seeing them coming up. Love & Light to everyone mourning. x Kiti


One of my neighbours has all the Christmas lights turned on, it is ridiculous. I have already received two Christmas cards, in the bin they went.

I think I will go to bed and not get up until spring.


Hi,lonely . I thought there was an energy crisis . They must have more money than sense . There was talk at work about people going to put their Xmas decorations up . I said December the 1 st is soon enough . Just got that look.!! … best place for the cards it’s kind of obvious these cards don’t really mean anything . Most people don’t think when picking the cards or writing in them . Good idea going to bed till spring .or at least till beginning of next year. But I guess we will just have to grin and bear it and vent on here . To people that do understand .sending strength and love to everyone to help us get through this awful season . Xtake carex

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