Re mum

I find it really hard to actually say mums passed. She left us suddenly on 13 th January this yr. i generally feel numb and don’t accept it’s happened. I have 3younger siblings who I talk to about bit 2 starting to have counselling and 1 has mental health problems. I’m constantly exhausted. I miss her so much it hurts.

Hello M0211jones, I am so very sorry for your loss. It is very early days yet and yes, you will feel numb, in fact I found the first year my husband died I was running on autopilot, nothing seemed real. I was in a fog.

You say two of your siblings are having counselling which will help them sort things out in their mind, perhaps you can go along with them and talk about your mum and what she meant to you. It will be more difficult for your other sibling who has mental health problems as they may need a different kind of counselling.

We have all been through or are going through a similar kind of thing and no-one escapes this terrible time without heartache, we just keep going, sometimes I wonder how, but we do. You and your siblings must stick together, talk about your mum, look at photos and make a memory book from when you were young, that in itself tells your life story of happier days. I made one and I look at it such a lot.

We are all here for you, it is a wonderful website and you will see that you are not alone in your grief and if you need to ask questions everyone will be happy to help.

Please take care.

Sheila xx

Thankyou x

Hi M0211jones

I’m so sorry to hear you lost your Mum this year. I lost my Mum 3 years and 5 months ago and anniversaries Mothers days and her birthdays are awful.

Loosing a Mum is so different… I found when I lost my Mum I lost who I was I lost a hudge part of my life because she brought me into this world she loved and nurtured me unconditionally. When I needed advice or a shoulder to cry on my Mum was always there but when she past away I felt so lost and so alone. I still do.

Give urself time to grief for ur Mum Councelling is very good and very helpful be kind to urself don’t put tooooo much pressure on ur self and grieve for ur Mum. I didn’t want to grieve for my Mum I didn’t want to cry I only felt anger and crying is a natural part of grieving. So go with the tears and the anger and the pain.

Take one day at a time

Lots of hugs x

Will try thankyou x

It’s so hard. I lost my mum in December just before Xmas. I have good days and bad. Bad ones I cry at every opportunity. I feel like everybody has accepted she’s gone yet I can’t. May be being able to talk with counselling or to lovely people on here will help. I feel scared to talk too much about my mum for fear people will lose patience with me. It’s almost like…ok funerals over move on. That’s not how it is…be kind to yourself. I still can’t believe my mum’s gone and don’t want to accept it so understand. Don’t want time to pass quickly as it’s time further away from my time with her. My emotions are everywhere as I am sure so are yours. Take very good care of you…your mum would want that. Xxx

Thankyou. I know i need to talk to someone but dont know where to start. Its all becoming to much for me. Im feeling that im not coping. But need to do something.