Reach my designation

Just like my sat nav says I’m reached my designation. Think I will feel like this forever. My husband bless him passed away 1 year on Friday 12th August and I miss him so much. I miss his smile and his jokes he had a good sense of humour. I miss someone to talk to about my day now all I have is our little dogs to talk to but that’s one sided conversation. Now to lose our home on top of everything is unbearable. Think I’m at my lowest point. Next week all my large furniture is being moved then I’m done here will be hard to lock the door for last time. Just off to car boot now to try and sell more of my belonging that I can’t take with me :cry:


Dear @Misprint

I can feel the pain in your post. Trying to take a positive from this, you may have reached your destination but their are other routes which you will go down. You can look at this as a healing journey hard as it is at the moment.

Your husband will always be in your heart where ever you go. Please take care of yourself. Myself and the Community will be thinking of you on the 1st Anniversary next Friday.

You are not alone, continue to reach out, we are all here for you.

Take care.



it is my 61st anniversary today I do not know how I will get through it
crying does not help all the good times are in my heart but it is now I need
something to carry on for