Reading day is finally here.

So after weeks of waiting for today it’s finally here. The day of my reading.
I’m actually really nervous now.

What if it’s really good and it convinces me of something more after? What if I have to plod on with life knowing a reunion with him, the only thing I want in the world is literally just my death away?

What if it’s guessy and vague and doesn’t convince me at all? I’ve seen how specific some other readings she’s given have been. If I don’t get that I’ll be convinced the other readings were set up and will probably be convinced there is nothing after death. Then I’ll probably wonder what’s the point in struggling on with life when it all ends at death anyway.

Argh. I thought my reading today would help me see things a bit clearer but now I’m not so sure it will. I don’t know what I’m expecting him to come through and say that’s going to help me move on with life to be fair. What can he possibly say that’s going to help me now?

I’m starting to wish I didn’t book it now :pensive: I’m actually dreading it. I think I’m going to answer the phone and just instantly start crying. That’s not gojng to help anything is it?

Any tips on how to calm down and clear my mind? Any tips on how to get the most from my reading?
Sorry for the long post :rofl:
I didn’t expect to feel this way today. I honestly thought I’d be excited and I would treat it like a phonecall to “heaven”
Now I don’t know how to think and feel.


I’m sure the medium will advise you …good luck :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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I was thinking about you when i got up so glad you posted ive every thing crossed you get all the answers your hoping for ive got my name down with a lady .I think just chill.has much has possible be yourself .I strongly beleve in an after life .plz let us all know how it goes good luck xxxx


It’ll be fine. They know what they are doing. I’m sure it will bring you comfort and make you cry lol
Looking forward to the post reading update!


It will be o.k, I am sure. It is normal to feel like you do as you have been waiting for this for so long.
I am praying you get peace and some of the answers you need.
Sending love xx

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@LostLil Hope your reading went well.

Big hugs
Dottie x❤️

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How did your reading go? :heart::heart:

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It was an absolute disaster :sob:
She stopped the reading after twenty minutes because she said she wasn’t seeing things as crystal clear as she would have liked, most of the things she said didn’t resonate at all. She said it can happen for many reasons and she’d done a lot of readings today so that might be why. I’m completely disheartened by it all tbh. I was convinced she was going to be the one to convince me of more :pensive:

She offered me the choice of rescheduling or a refund. I so desperately wanted a reading with her but after so many wrong guesses that I corrected I felt that she would have had too much information about me to begin another reading at a different time.

I’ve got another reading with a different medium tomorrow so I won’t say too much until I’ve had my reading with her but I’ll put the outline of my reading today on here after I’ve had my reading with the other medium tomorrow. I just don’t want too much information about me on here before I’ve had that reading if that makes sense.

I wasn’t given a single name in the reading I had today. All I got was your grandad on your mams side.

Totally gutted I’m not going to lie.

I’d like to think my OH messed my reading up on purpose for being daft enough to pay £750 :rofl:
I’d like to think he’ll come through tomorrow but we’ll see :crossed_fingers:


Oh bless you, that’s such a shame. I’m sorry it didn’t go so well. Hope you get the full refund. It’s not good when it’s not specific.

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Yes I hope you get a full refund too, that’s terrible, I’m so sorry. Hope all goes well with the next one :heart::heart:


@LostLil No!! I’m so disappointed for you :pensive:… hope you took the option of a refund though?

Don’t lose heart, I’ve told about my reading and he was amazing ( there are genuine people out there) let’s hope your reading tomorrow is a more positive experience for you.

Big hugs
Dottie x​:rose::rose:

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Yes I had to take the refund rather than rescheduling because everytime she guessed something and I said no or corrected her it told her so much about me and the people I’d lost that she’d have too much information about me to try again.
She did say that whenever she reschedules the second reading is always more clear but I feel she’s got a head start then.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I’m so disheartened it’s unreal :broken_heart:

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Me too. I’m gutted. I honestly had such high hopes for her. I honestly thought that if anyone could convince me it would be her. It felt so right when I booked it :pensive:

I’m so glad she stopped the reading though because I would have just carried on until the end and just said nothing.


Bless you. Just try to go with an open mind tomorrow. He probably did do that. So you could get a refund! He will probably say tomorrow about it. Have heart get a good nights sleep. Tomorrow is another day. Sending you hugs.

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Haha I would seriously have some strong words for him if he did that so I could have a refund :rofl:
I need peace and comfort. It would have been worth every last penny if I’d got that.

To be fair my partner wasn’t even mentioned during the reading, my grandad on my mams side was but that could have been a guess. If she picked up from my voice I was around 38 then it’s highly possible my grandad could be dead.

Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow feeling more positive after my second reading :rofl::crossed_fingers:


After listening back to the twenty minute reading twice it’s clear to me that she was guessing.
She backtracked on one thing and turned it around to mean something else.

She clearly said twice that my grandad was acknowledging the number of children he had left in the world, it was way off, it was common to have a lot of children back in them days. Twice she spoke about them being HIS children then I told her no and how many he had and she started saying oh I think he’s on anout you and your siblings. At the time I just thought maybe she was just fuzzy but listening back to it it’s very clear the exact moment she backtracked :pensive:

She told me my 'grandad" told her that I’m not as close to my mam as I’d like to be. My mams dead. I told her this then a little while later my “mam came through” she guessed how she’d died completely wrong. I thought at the time what on odd thing to say but listening back to it I can see that she took something I said a few minutes before and made her guess on what I had corrected her about a short while before. I can totally see how she guessed what she did but she was completely off the mark.

Listening back to it it’s plain to see what she was trying to do.

There’s a You Tube video she has up where she tells a lady her daughters name and exactly how she died. I seriously struggle to believe that video wasn’t set up.
During my twenty minutes she didn’t tell me a single name. People were referred to as your grandad etc. On the video on You Tube she spoke a lot relaying a lot of specific information including details of how that person died, she kept thanking “the spirits” for telling her things, during my reading she was going quiet for a minute or two at a time and didn’t thank or say anything to “spirits” at all.

I’m going to wait until I get my refund then I’m going to email her and let her know what I think. They probably won’t care but I want them to know that I know there was something extremely dodgy about my reading.

I think if she’d been correct about anything then she would have been able to elaborate on that and probably give me things I wanted to hear. Unfortunately in my case the guessing game was way off.

I think because I’m only 38 so relatively young it’s so much harder for them to guess who I’ve lost.
In an older person it’s much more likely that they have lost both parents and all grandparents and more people in general.

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@LostLil Yes, when you mentioned her, I watched that video on YouTube also; she was amazing, however judging by your reading? It’s shocking that she is asking for so much money!

I would also email her and leave a review, dreadful.

Fingers crossed it goes well today :shamrock:

Big hugs
Dottie x🌹

I get that maybe she’s better on some days than others but she was blatantly guessing on my reading. She said she’d done a lot of “heavy” readings yesterday but that doesn’t excuse the guesses.

I’d have had a lot more respect for her if she’d rang me up and said she wasn’t on form and she needed to reschedule.

If any of the guesses had been correct I would have accepted the reading.
It does make me wonder if she constantly wings it but how do you manage to have a five year waiting list and be able to charge that much just by winging it? That just seems impossible to me.

Hopefully the second reading with a different medium will be better :crossed_fingers::pensive:

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Sorry it didnt go well .Good luck for today xxx

She says she has a five year waiting list yet can fit you in. Good luck with today’s reading.

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