reading obituaries

For some reason that I do not understand, I find myself reading obituaries. Sometimes, in case there are people from my community … but sometimes, just to see their lives, how young, what they did.

I don’t understand this rather morbid curiosity. My parents died five years ago. I dreamed about them last night. Just wondered if this means a preoccupation with death, and I know that is not healthy.

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Hi, no I don’t think it’s healthy, If you know it’s not good for you then you must change your thought pattern, easier said than done. I do think we all go through this kind of thing i one format or an other and normally it doesn’t last. Take care S xxx

I think it is completely normal…
The obituary pages are the first thing I turn to in my local paper . Its not a morbid fascination with death… It is a accepting that death is part of life… our society does not want to talk about death which makes grief even harder…

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