Reading other posts has helped me a little

Good for you!! Granny’s a hero :clap:

I haven’t posted publicly for quite some time. It was in June 2020 when my husband died and I wanted people to know that the healing process we talk about and probably would love to begin, if just to stop the heartache, for me is taking a long time. I still cry and I always feel lonely but my husband was the exact opposite to me and he was the outgoing one. My love for him is even stronger and I have held onto everything of his that I can. I don’t cry all the time now and I have found it better not to go to places where we went together as it is too painful. I am so lucky that we had such beautiful children together because they are there for me even though they miss their Dad so much even now. So everyone out there, please be patient and kind to yourselves and when you think you would rather be dead than go on, please try and remember how much our loved ones would have wanted to live if they had been given the choice. We who remain must do so for them. I message my hubby each sunny day, each downpour, each visit to our children each Christmas. For me I am letting him know that I’m trying to see life through his eyes. I hope this helps someone. If just 1 person, then I will be more at peace xx