I lost mum in June and my sister and myself cared for her for 3 years prior to her death, spoke to her every day, text her and every Saturday we would have a girly day or evening and the void is massive, I have been on the go non stop from working extra hours or doing DIY , decorating just because once I stop it hits hard how much I miss the small things and reality sets in. I’m sure many will resonate, what are doing for coping mechanisms?


Hi there. I lost my mum in May this year. Never have I had to deal with anything so difficult. I lost my dad many years ago, but still had mum after he passed for a further 22 years. It is so very difficult to move forward, but my pain is getting a little more bearable, but still really hard. I keep myself busy most of the time with work. But I am reading a lot of books on grief, that seems to help me. I talk to her, as if she is around (because I’m pretty sure they are around us and know what is going on). I’ve also looked at quite a few videos on Youtube as well about the afterlife, some good medium videos on there as well, which seem to give some comfort. Take care; no easy way around our grief. xxx

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Thank you! I’m sorry for your loss and I’m glad that you are finding coping mechanisms :heart: If you could possibly recommend who to watch on YouTube as it’s something that I have looked at but there’s a lot of cranks that just anger me as it feels like they are exploiting people’s grief

I saw a good one “Death Explained” (37 mins)

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Thank you :heart: xx

You’re welcome. I find reading and watching anything that may give us a little comfort. xxx

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