Really don’t know what is wrong

I had a really bizarre dream my husband was trying to tell me something and had hold of my hands x
I tried to tell him it was ok, but he went :cry:
I then woke sobbing :sob:, my son also had a similar dream :heart:, had anyone
Else experienced anything like this? X.

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Dear MrsT1, I had a vivid dreams about my wife last fall - it went something like this: It was late afternoon or early evening,. I had walked into our home into the living room. My wife was sitting in the couch with about 2 or 3 wigs sitting on the armrest. As I approached her - she told me that she was getting tired of her hairstyle and she wanted to get a shorter cut
(she had done this before). – I remember telling her it was OK with me — then she seemed to apologize for asking me is she could wear it shorter – at that point I interrupted her - I said Micki (her nick name) - may I say something to you? She stopped and looked at me — Then, I told her that I wanted to say that I LOVED her - it doesn’t matter what she looked like. At that point I woke up rather suddenly. It’s only a guess on my part but maybe your husband only wanted to say that he loved you and your son. Sometimes simple things make the difference!


A few nights after Mick passed I fell asleep on the sofa where he died. I suddenly shot up at 2am feeling somebody squeezing my arms I thought someone was in the house. I had left all my doors unlocked and the fire left on full. What a strange feeling I knew this was Mick waking me up telling me to turn off the fire and lock the bloody doors and go to bed.
I think Mrs T there definitely checking on us. Take care x

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Thank you for your replies xx

This whole experience has left me quite un nerved xx

It was so realistic :disappointed::broken_heart:

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