Really sick of this

It’s not going away is it ?

So many things went wrong
How could anyone know what would happen.
He left earth on 30th April
He was the only bit of true happiness id known in years .
I’m sure something will come along to make things easier for me.
But at only 48 it’s his life and his opportunities that I mourn the most.


I completely understand and it’s tragic as he was so young. . My lovely partner left suddenly on the 21st April and whilst I know now he isn’t coming back, it’s so hard to bear. All our plans, hopes and dreams gone in an instance. He was the love of my life and I’d never been happier. Can’t stand the thought of the next 20 years without him.
Keep posting as it’s the best place you can voice your deepest feelings and everyone understands and doesn’t judge. It’s been a lifeline for me. Sending a big hug and hope you have a better day today xx


Thank you x

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Lots of ups and downs unfortunately on this journey.
A good day can so easily be cancelled by a simple thought or action - but in time hopefully we can help ourselves to lift up a bit from the bad days.
Is just absolute rubbish that he was taken so early. I’m so sorry. Xx

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