Really struggling with my grief

I’ve been feeling really low this week.Normally I would wait for the weekend to see my mother and we’d have a chat and I’d feel a bit better.She was the person I went to when I felt very low.Now she’s gone I’m feeling really alone and scared in the world.I just want my mother to just to be here and knowing that will never be possible again.It scares the life out of me.The only person who is keeping me going right now is my son.The future feels hopeless right now.

Hello starheart, I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s been 2 months since I lost my Dad. My Dad was the only person I ever truly opened up to, the only person I ever really listened to. Losing someone you love dearly is painful, I honestly feel your pain. One thing I have learned since losing my Dad, is you are not alone. Unfortunately life and death walk hand in hand (as hard as it might seem). I’m sure you have enough of your mother inside of you, to guide you through life. People keep telling me that grief eases in time, I sincerely hope there is truth to this, for me and you and everyone else going through this awful experience. Take care of yourself .

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Thank you.Im sorry for your loss too.It will be 2 months for me next Friday.I just don’t know how to get through this.My mother did so much and was just there all the time.I do have some of my mother in me.That helps but I needed so much more from her.Its just not fair and I know I’m lucky because I had 33 years with her and other people lose their mother’s or father’s younger but I just feel life is so cruel when I need her the most she’s gone.I just took for granted that my mother would be here for a long time even though she had her illnesses.I never thought she would die at 52.

I totally agree with you, I feel exactly the same. My Dad was 56, I always imagined I would be saying goodbye in my 60’s, not at 35!!!
I can still not comprehend the thought of never seeing him again, although I have my 3 boys and wife with me, I feel so lonely.
I never thought in a million years I would find myself seeking comfort from strangers, on a bereavement site. I can’t speak for yourself, but for me hearing other people’s stories of grief, reminds me I’m not the only person suffering, which strangely helps.
Unfortunately we cannot change what’s happened, we must learn to live with our grief, not just for ourselves but our families too. I’m sure your Mum would want you to live a full and happy life.