Really struggling with the sudden death of my mum

How do we cope ? I’ve really struggled today. Mum had a cardiac arrest from a blood clot. They did revive her and got her to hospital but she sadly passed hours later. I can’t stop thinking about how scared she was in her final moments. One minute she was fine. The next she wasn’t. It’s awful. I can’t process it.


Hi sorry we find ourselves here i lost my mum on the 17th april this due very suddenly and unexpectedly due to an undetected infection which led to sepis she wasnt even Ill thats the crazy thing, sadly sudden death isnt new to me i lost my 24 year old brother suddenly in 2017 in a single car crash that he should have survived, i have very little advice other than please please be kind to yourself losing a parent especially your mum is a life changing event even as an adult you think your mum is invincible and when they arent it comes as a shock i struggle most with the fact we apoke every day and my kids where there twice a week its been 9 days and this is the longest ive ever gone not talking or seeing mum, you have to wake up each day and feel how you need to feel dont feel like its time to feel better just let your grief guide you, i learnt 6 years ago to live a life parallel to grief some days are good some days im right back there you have toygh days ahead but i promise you you will get through them you wont know how yoy did but you will, im sending so much love your way x

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Thank you so much for your reply and your kind words of advice. I’m
So sorry to hear about your mum and brother. I hope you are coping with the grief. I’m
Here to talk if you want to.
Today hasn’t been the best. I’ve just felt denial all day. It’s four weeks now. I miss my mum so much and each day is harder.


Hi, lost my mom suddenly in January, from a heart attack,
Myself and my daughter performed CPR on her. It’s been a traumatic few months, I keep reliving that awful night. I never thought I’d feel this way.
Hope you are doing okay!

I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Similar to my mum. I can’t stop thinking about how she felt in those few minutes.

I hope you and your daughter are supporting each other and that that is giving you comfort