Really struggling

This week has been one of the toughest weeks I’ve had to face.My son turns 9 on Saturday and it’s killing me that my mom won’t be here.We always use to do something together for my son’s birthdays and it’s heart breaking knowing that will never happen again.Its so hard not having my mom here for support.I miss her so much.The last 7 months have been extremely hard but this week is the most painful.

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I’m so sorry about your mum. I know what you mean - there are so many things I have missed sharing with my mum since she died 6 months ago. It’s all the ‘never agains’ I find so painful - and not just the big events but the every-day moments - a FaceTime for a laugh, a cup of tea and a chat, advice when I’m having a difficult time - just everything. I still find it stupid-hard to believe she’s gone and won’t be coming back. I just want her here, with me again.

I hope that you find a way of putting something in place for your son’s birthday - a way of remembering your mum in the day somehow.

Take care


Thank you for your support.It is the firsts that I find so hard.My mother and my son were so close it’s just so hard knowing that we’ll never do anything together again.Its been hard to explain to my son that his nan is gone.It makes me angry.There’s nothing I can do but try and remember the good times.My son is going to have a great time even though his nan isn’t going to be here.I just wish I’d known that I was going to lose my mum so I just got the time to spend quality time with her.Last year it was like the rug was just pulled from beneath me.Hopefully she’s here in spirit.

I’m sorry for the loss of your mum too.I hope your finding ways to cope.

Hey starHeart.

I totally get what you mean. I struggled so much last week as my little one started school and it upset me so much my mum wasnt here to see it all. (She passed 3months ago).

Just wanted to message to say i know how u feel, nothin can help the pain but maybe knowing others are feelin the say may help in someway.

Hi NicciC

Thank you it does help that I’m not alone in this.Its tough them not being there.Im sorry for your loss.I think this community is such a support to anyone whos struggling.