Rebuilding me

I lost my dad in December last year and have struggled recently. I was his main carer and spent most days with him. He passed away unexpectedly after a fall and spent his last 10wks in hospital. His last week was awful and I actually found him before staff knew he had gone. I had gone home to shower and freshen up and returned to find him passed. His death certificate said he passed 10mins before I got there. I’m so sad about that. Now I’m basically struggling to get back on track. Everyday revolved around my dads care and now I feel kind of lost. Trying to be kind to myself and take it slowly but its just so hard :pensive:


Hi, I lost my mum in January & I wasn’t there when she passed I went out for a walk with my niece and passed whilst I was out on my walk …

At first I was upset but then after a lot of thinking and chatting to my sisters, we believe that mum waited for me to leave & that she didn’t want me to see her take her last breath…. & I really believe that.

That could be the same in your circumstances too.

I don’t know what condition your dad had or the reason he’s passed but with my mum I have the relief to know she no longer suffering even though some days are SUPER hard

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So sorry for your loss. The hospital staff said it happens all the time that loved ones pass when their family arent there. It was actually a relief to see him at peace as he was so agitated before and hadnt had food for a week or fluids for a few days so it was awful seeing him struggle. Its just a hard reality

Thank you mum has no food or fluid for 12 days before she passed… her neurological condition affected her swallowing so was physically unable to swallow even 2-3 weeks before then it was just little sips of water & nutrition shakes as that’s all she could manage …

It is such a sad reality, I absolutely agree with you there