Recent bereavement

Im new to the group, just joined today. My husband died 5 weeks ago at the age of 54, it was a total shock and I’m still struggling to come to terms with it. My life now is empty without him, I feel lonely, even though I have family support, it doesn’t compare to having that someone special that shares your life. How do other people cope?

Five weeks for me today, too. The way I try to cope is just thinking about getting through the next day, or hour if a day is too much.
Don’t try to cross bridges that you haven’t come to. I don’t look into the future because it’s too dark and scary.
Just take it bit by bit.

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Take baby steps dont rush anything. I am on month 11, and I have a tick list in my head, so each day, i do something that is on it.

I’ve gone on holiday on my own, joined bew groups to meet people not necessarily widows just people with similar interests.

It takes time and every one deals with this new life we never asked for in different ways.

Keep chatting on here we are all able to help each other.

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I’m so sorry for your loss

I’m 18 weeks in today

Sometimes I feel I’m coping, othertimes not. It’s just a case of one day at a time

Its a rollercoaster ride of tremendous emotions. Some days up. But an awful lot of downs.

Please keep posting on here. We really do help each other. You know you’re not alone
And everything you’re feeling is normal

Sending big hugs x

Yes agree with all these comments. I’m nine weeks in but still struggle to believe what happened. Your life has been changed in an instant and you will be in shock too.
Just take each hour as it comes and don’t try to do too much. Try and eat something even if you don’t feel like it.
Please keep posting on here. It’s a lifeline and no one judges you. And most importantly everyone really understands.
Sending love and strength :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:xx

I’m 3 months in since my husband aged 56 died, after a very short fight with a very aggressive cancer. He was fit and healthy before then and leaves behind me and 4 kids ( 2 teenagers ).
It was also a total shock and I’m only now starting to feel the real pain of his loss.
It’s a long journey and like @Liro says is a rollercoaster - we just can’t get off it when we want to.
Support is available here - people really understand and are there to offer a non judgemental ear when you want to share how you are feeling.
Try to look after yourself as well as you can - eat when you can, rest often and don’t expect too much. Grief is exhausting and takes up all your headspace and energy.
Accept help when it is offered and do what you feel is right for you at the time.
I’m so sorry you find yourself here.
Sending strength xx

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