Recently bereaved

My husband died in April this year after suffering from melanoma. I nursed him through his illness and whilst he was at home before he died. I’ve been coping quite well most of the time - sometimes feeling ashamed I’m not bawling my eyes out all time but ‘coping’. Today though I was driving and listening to the radio and it was a Sunday afternoon programme on sounds of the 70s and the music was our era. It brought back happy memories but also made me very tearful as we did our ‘courting’ to most of these songs. I was crying driving along today - so glad it was raining and no one could see me! That’s the first time this has happened when I’ve been out and about. I’ve been upset at home etc but it was a shock to have such a reaction when I was out and about. I was fine after a few minutes and singing along with other 70s songs after that but for a while I was really upset. I think it was a combination of the songs being played, the programme we would have listened to together and the journey we would have taken together.


It is the little things that catch us off guard. I think a good cry helps to shift the pain for a while.
Sorry for your loss.

Please take care

I get emotional with simple little things at times, i think its normal, difficult as it is, i also take comfort from these things, and yes, its good to cry, take care