Recently bereaved

My husband passed away 3 weeks ago, he was 54 and was very ill with MS…I was his full time carer and it feels now that he has never been here…the house is so empty and sad…I can’t sleep at nights, or eat…iam struggling to cope and not prepared for the future. The pain of grief is so overwhelming…I feel everyone avoids me which makes me feel so empty…i miss him so much…does it always feel like this??


In the early days yes it does always feel like this. If you read the posts on this site you will find that for some it stays like this for longer than others. At this stage do whatever you need. Cry, howl hit things if you must. We find a way to live with our grief. Just over 3 months for me. There is no one size fits all for grief. As you can see my sleep is still not good otherwise why am I posting at3a.m. It is better than it was. I am thinking of you.xx


Hello luna4 . The first few months are so difficult to cope with . I am at four months and have just started work . Although my heart is broken in two I am coping a little better now . I have been going out for meals with friends . I can’t think of the future it hurts so much . Anti depressants have helped with the knot in my stomach. It’s such a difficult time for us all . I never imagined losing my soulmate at 58 . My thoughts are with you


Bless you the loneliness and emptiness of desperation is how I often feel. Prison sentence. It’s like it never goes away. My home is now a shell of brick rooms dead and cold. The beautiful warmth has gone. My man of 50 years:(


@LUNA4 sorry for your loss and welcome to the forum. I can say at 22 weeks things are definitely better than the utter despair at the beginning. I am doing my best to move forward and have a future. So many challenges we have to face but it’s sink or swim. Although I am broken hearted I choose to swim. This forum has been and continues to be a great help. Hopefully it helps you too. Take care.


Thanks everyone for your kind words of support…and we are all going through the same feelings of grief…i know it will take a long time to heal and will have more bad days than good to begin with.
Like you said Jan17 you choose to swim…and hopefully that will be me…
Lots of love to you all and we shall be strong and support each other xx


I am so sorry for your loss. My hubby died 6 weeks ago and what you are feeling is the same for me. I find that talking about it like in this forum helps. I know i am not alone. I wish you peace in your journey


I’m so sorry for your loss, my partner and soulmate passed away 8 weeks ago today and my heart still feels as though it is torn apart. For you it is a double whammy because you have lost the man you loved and also the care which you have been giving due to his illness. I’m finding comfort on this forum because I can see that what I am feeling relates to so many others and, while we are all at different stages, we are all struggling to cope
My partner had suffered for years with anxiety and panic attacks and when he was really bad he was so reliant on me. I have been told by many members of family and friends that it would have been so much worse for him if I had been the one to pass and I’m sure that that probably is the same for you
Stay strong and we will all get through this