Recently loss dad

Hi II have recently lossed my dad which was not expected and its so hard and confusing. I miss him so much I miss ringing him. He was so young in himself so I can’t get my head around the shock

Hi Angie, Im so sorry for your lose and my condolences to you.

My mum past away in August 2020 and I still look at the time like clock work as too when I should call her. Only yesterday I went for my mobile to call my wife after loosing her just over 4 months ago. But I still feel that I want to call them to, as this experience of emotions and the shock of it all like you said is just so unreal.
You will probaly find from day to day that you will be missing him in many other ways as the beautiful memories come flooding in. Hold on to them and cherish those moments.

Take care
Derv xx

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I am so sorry for your loss, I have recently lost my Dad as well. He was the most amazing man I will ever know and it just doesn’t seem real. A friend of mine said to me that the reason it hurts so much is because I was so lucky so have a great Dad and not everyone gets to experience this. This did give me a little comfort I hope it does for you too.

Hi Angie,

I’m so sorry for your loss. I also lost my dad recently. It was so sudden and so unexpected.
Feel very numb and it’s all so raw.
My dad taught me everything in life… he was my rock. The only thing he didn’t teach me… was how to live this life without him.
We feel do much because our love and bond was so great.
Who ever said time was a healer is so wrong because its only getting harder, especially trying to go back to a routine when a huge part of that routine is missing. I still want to call him… still visit my mum at their house thinking he’s upstairs or will be sat their in the corner on his favourite sofa chair. Miss him so much.

I relate to this so muchso overwound I just

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