Reflections on my own journey with grief

The extract below is from a project I have been working on this year entitled ‘Grief, Loss and Love: My Journey from Hurt to Healing.’ I have found that writing has given me a mechanism to process and express my emotions in a way I could never previously do through speech alone.

On the 4th of December my grandma died. She was 104 and had lived a good long life, full of wonderful stories to tell, but I was still devastated by her death and wasn’t ready for her to go. During a walk the day after along a beautiful track bordering some fields, I sobbed aloud and felt really heavy with sadness and grief. As I walked, it occurred to me that it doesn’t matter how long you have known someone, whether it be months (in the case of Tommy), 15 years (with my mum) or over 35 years (with my grandma); where there is a relationship, a connection, and ultimately love, there will always be raw pain following a loss. However, we can choose how to respond to our feelings and either hide them away or bring them out into the light by talking about and acknowledging them. My grandma’s death is the first time I have truly allowed myself to feel the deep emotions associated with grief and speak openly to family and friends about how I am really feeling. I have come a long way from the 15-year-old who wasn’t able to talk about the loss of her mum and I am immensely proud of myself.

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Dear @TimetoHeal

Thank you for sharing an extract from your project with the Community.

Writing does help with the grieving process as you have discovered, please continue to share more of your project if you would like to.

Take care.


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