Regarding this site versus others

i have had a lot of support on this site in 18 months, its brilliant and the people are always there to give advice and support. i say this cause i belong to another site where you darent voice your opinion, are expected to agree with everyone and if you dont you get nasty comments online and maybe emails from admin telling you to watch what you re saying and that your posts will be monitered.
i just want to thank everyone here for a brilliant site where you dont get moaned at.


Does it begin with Way ?


one of the words yes

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This site is my lifeline, where nobody judges you, helps you and also find other bits of help when you read what others have put. It certainly helps me.


I to agree this site is there to support you. I’ve always felt I can say how I feel thanks guys you offer an amazing service to those of us who are struggling to cope with grief.
In a world where it seems no one.cares there is this site that doesn’t judge and will be around to help. For several months nearly 7 years this November when I lost my mum I have been in a terrible place trying to make sense of losing my mum and I still trying to make sense of it all. I doubt I ever will but I know one thing I am coping best way I can. This November 24th I know where I’ll be with my dad holding him up because I cannot imagine how it feels for him to lose his soul mate my mum.


I think it’s depends on what site you look at and your personality what you want from it there our so many it becomes overwhelming :pensive:I have recently found another site it contents is not for everyone for me it has given me freedom of speech and learning to fully understand things it is clearing my brain fog :face_with_spiral_eyes: only been on here a couple of weeks it’s opposite to the other one so far it’s all positive still testing the water

@madge could you inbox me any links to others groups please

This site is my lifeline and not sure where I would be without it if I was honest.

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It’s my lifeline to. I’ve found talking to grief counselling is no help at all

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Ive not even bothered with a counsellor, doing it my own way, if there is a way. My partner he can always tell if I’m not right or upset and we can talk it through together. I hope you have some one to talk to, if not this site is the best place to do it.

I only have my dad to talk to maybe my partner but lately I’ve felt I can’t tell her how I feel. With my dad we can turn to each other

I wish I had my Dad still, but glad you have him to talk to.

Well my dad thinks I’m crazy when I tried to explain where my mum has gone. I was trying to give him comfort over my puddle In the water theory

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