I’m just curious, what does everyone think about reincarnation? My mom passed away 2 years ago, but she used to say, “if there is such a thing as reincarnation, she’d like to come back as a duck,” :duck:

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Buddhists believe in reincarnation It means the spirit leaves the body and continues on until the enlightenment is reached Many people who are not Buddhist find it is a very comforting thought Seeing a lost loved one s spirit in animals birds and nature is very beautiful way of remembering them If you have a Buddhist temple nearby do visit You will find it a very calming place


Hi @Stranger1,
Thank you for your reply, personally I am an atheist, but I do agree with a lot of Buddhist teachings & philosophy. One of my favourite books was written by a Buddhist monk, its called “Don’t worry be grumpy” by Ajahn Brahm, he has all these funny stories & things, & I love his positive attitude to life, I would recommend it to anyone.

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There has been…and continues…a fair bit of research into this…there definitely seems to be something in it…if I remember there is a programme on Netflix about it…sorry, can’t remember the name…I think it was part of a series about life after death and the paranormal… one doctor in the US in particular has been studying it for years…but I’ve read quite a bit too by other scientists…

Are you on about surviving death? The whole reincarnation thing worries me although some of it actually makes sense.

I just don’t feel I want to ever come back to this world again and I am scared my loved ones have already reincarnated, I have always wanted to see them again one day and would be gutted to get there and they have left :broken_heart:


I get your fears…however, what is is what is…just because we don’t like the possible reality doesn’t mean it isn’t reality…but I’m increasingly confident that whatever the truth is…it will be something beyond our mortal comprehension…for instance time does not exist…even Einstein recognised this… so if our loved ones consciousness carries on…and I believe it does…they will still be there when we get there…time is meaningless. I think the programe you mentioned may be the one…but I have looked into this further and still am, and in particular the consciousness debate…no one knows where it comes from in the brain or can explain it…no one !..and it’s convinced me there is definitely something beyond this mortal existence…but whatever it is seems to be better than this existence…so bring it on…and I am not at all religious btw :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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I totally get what you’re saying. I’m thinking cause time doesn’t exist in their world it could be the reason we feel like we have been waiting a long time to recieve signs from them sometimes.

Like the the other week I asked my Mum to send me a stag and it ended up happening like 2 weeks after. It made me think I need to be more patient with this kind of thing.

And yes nothing can explain consciousness, and to be totally honest I think it makes less sense for us to vanish completely when it’s our time!

Although my scepticism is a bugger for trying to give logic to these situations, I do believe my Mum is close to me in another dimension, I can’t think of nothing else!

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Yes…and if the scientists of the world cannot explain things then what chance have we got? Just believe…as I do…the evidence is all there…and increasing…the more we know, like quantum physics and the like…we think we know everything…we know nothing…people always wonder where we go after we die…but how many people wonder where we were before we were born? :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I’ve actually looked into where we was before we was born, apparently we was always there but being in this lifetime makes us forget. It sort of makes sense to me, I’m guessing once it’s our time, maybe it feels like coming home and we remember being there before :woman_shrugging:

I’ve been told I’m going through a spiritual awakening and I believe that to, nothing has made sense to me before until now. It seems losing my Mum triggered something in me but I’ve had so many odd and wonderful experiences since.

Of course I’m still learning but when something spiritual makes sense to me now, I get intense shivers it’s actually crazy.

Maybe I need to go into the mental hospital but it’s giving me comfort and not causing any harm to anyone else x


…no…it’s giving me comfort too…it is said that we come to this life to learn…I have been wondering why my soulmate was taken before me…she was very spiritual…I wasn’t, though I’ve always believed in a continuation of consciousness and a ‘greater power’ but purely from a scientific stance. Then after Sandie died, I got a message from a friend who had a near death experience some years back …he assured me we would meet again, tho not as I would recognise today. Since then I have looked into all of this from a different perspective…and now feel totally different about it…may this is what I need to learn?


Hi everyone,
This conversation has gotten a lot more intellectual than I expected it to be, never the less, actually I have thought about the concept of my past lives, & have heard of other people having regression to past lives, to help with issues they are having in their present life. I remember learning about this in school, they showed a video of a documentary, in which a young boy, about 7-9 year old remembered a past life, & when they took him to the house he recognised from that life as where he used to live, he said things, & pointed things out about the house he couldn’t possibly of known.
My mom was a trained reiki therapist, & often did reiki with me, because of the way it helps your natural energy flow, it can cause memories to resurface, I believe I saw 2 memories from a past life as a result of this.
I do like Einstein, mostly because like the best genius’ he was dyslexic, but the problem with most scientists is their minds are limited by science, in a “if they can’t scientifically prove it, it can’t possibly exist” kind of way, it is a creative mind that is superior, because in a creative mind, the only limit is your own imagination, “Imagination is stronger than knowledge, dreams are more powerful than facts, & hope can triumph over experience”.
But getting back to the subject of what happens after death, I believe that our soul passes into a spiritual dimension, like 4th dimensionally on earth, all one level, & that when we are ready, we will be reincarnated into our next life, but that’s just what I think.

As for the question of consciousness & existence, I think it was pascal who said “I think there for I am”, though in Alice through the looking glass, I like the bit at the end with the mad hatter, about dreams & reality, when he says who knows which is which, I like the idea of what is perceived as reality may only be a dream, not real, & when we think we’re dreaming that may be the reality, as he says, who’s to say which is which.


I’m actually waiting for a reply back from a clinic in Neath South Wales about past life regression. It’s something that wouldn’t have entered my head before losing my OH but I really need to make sense out of life and death.
If I can be convinced that I’ve lived before and that I’m not just me, alive once then gone forever then I’ll know that he’s not just gone too. It would make me see life and death totally differently. Perhaps this life really is just one big game, who knows?

It’s only £60 for the experience so I’m definitely going to give it a go. It’s an experience if nothing else :slight_smile:

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Hello all
Ever since I lost my mum I have been trying to work out where my mum has gone. It’s certainly isn’t heaven or hell. They do not exist. I am a true atheist. I hate religion and the self righteous sanctimonious idiots who peddle their lies and preach to us in their churches and stand on street corners that Jesus died for our sins And this Jesus will come again one day. If it is true he would not allow death to our loved ones. If it’s true there would be no more suffering no more tears no more grief but the opposite is true there is suffering. My mum would still be alive and maybe we wouldn’t be questioning if reincarnation is real.
For along time and I don’t know why but I believe my mum is looking at me through a puddle in water. It’s a belief that came over me. I just wish I knew why I believe it. I do believe extra terrestrials came yo this planet 200 thousand years ago and seeded humanity. Read chariot of the gods. It depicts how humanity came to be not through some divine intervention but by these people like us. They believe like us in death. They take our loved ones to their planet where death has been conquered and they use this puddle in water for our loved ones to contact us. We can’t see them it’s incomprehensible for us but these people know that. We haven’t reached the level of understanding and technology to achieve this. But one day when humanity has reached a type of civilisation that matches theirs in comparison then they will come back with our loved ones to reunite us all.
I know it sounds crazy but I’m not alone in what I believe but I do know this everything humanity believes In religion will proof to be a lie including human history
Only one thing this type of civilisation will not happen as we are sleep walking to extinction and we are due another.

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Hi @Steven,
I have never read chariot of the gods, thou it sounds interesting. I am also an atheist, & share your frustration about religion, though I do agree with some Buddhist teachings & philosophy, about karma, & the way the energy of everything touches everything else, I find it therapeutic & calming.

Well the belief is that once we are visited on earth by aliens every religious belief will no longer be believed by humanity.
Buddhists I believe think aliens will visit us
Humanity will never move on unless it unites under one common goal to become an interplanetary species it’s not going to happen as we are heading for an extinction
We can become a type one civilisation if we put away fossil fuels and our earth learns to take control of our resources and only then maybe we’ll be attractive to aliens.
As for reincarnation it’s irrelevant

I was brought up a catholic but I strayed away from all of that as I grew up, I didn’t particularly believe in anything until the day I lost my Mum, it just wouldn’t make sense that her very essence would just disappear like that.

I started noticing strange things happening around the time she passed that made me believe she was still around, so I did a lot of digging.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s something out there after this life. I do believe in a creator of all this but have started believing the bible has been heavily modified over the years to create control.

I used to be worried I’d be punished for now knowing what to believe in, then I started thinking, how can I be punished for simply not knowing cause there’s so many arguments between all different religions, which one is true?

How can people be punished for being attracted to the same sex when it’s who they are :woman_shrugging:

How can people be punished for how they react when we have emotions that we can’t control?

As for the suffering I believe we are all here for an experience, if we all died of an old age we’d be way over populated, maybe people pass younger to balance it out and it’s part of their path in life.


Hi @Jess1,
I like your reply, very interesting. I agree very much that the bible has been very heavily modified to create control, I also dislike how some faiths try to imply that if I don’t agree with their faith, that I’m going to hell, as someone who spent a lot of my school years being bullied, I know a scare tactic when I hear one. I also find parts of the bible very contradictory, how can it say all this “love thy neighbour” stuff, but then criticise people for being who they are? :woman_shrugging:t2: My logic is, people have a right to be themselves, & no-one & nothing has a right to criticise, exclude them, or treat them any different, for there colour, gender, sexuality, disabilities, the way they look, or anything else, & anything that says people have to conform to their way of thinking, & can’t just be themselves, is just wrong, on so many levels.
Also, I remember a conversation with my mom years ago, & she said then that the bible has been changed over the years, for example, it did use to include parts about reincarnation, but apparently some priest or bishop, (I can’t remember which,) didn’t agree with it, so had it removed from the bible. If they can just take bits out, or change things like that, it puts a whole new perspective on things, 1) it turns it into the longest game of Chinese whispers ever, & 2) it implies they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about, because if they had any true conviction in the bible, they would agree with it throughout no matter what.
People dieing at different ages is an interesting point, :thinking:. There are theories that we are alive to learn a lesson in this life, or fulfill our life’s purpose, & when we accomplish this, we pass on. As I am into astrology, I believe that our lives are totally mapped out, from before we’re born, right to the moment we die. As with the Buddhist theory, in life, everything has it’s own natural energy, & everything touches everything else, so any action can have a domino effect on other things, so basically, in any given situation, fate decides. Think about it, how many times in the past has something had a knock-on effect that has put you in the right place at the right time for something else. I’ll give you an example, when mom got ill, there was an insident where I cut myself because I didn’t want to be left with my alcoholic dad, the medics took me to hospital to patch me up & see the mental health team, they in turn referred me to the well-being people, who after mom passed, in turn referred me to mind, who talked to me about a few different social groups they run, at one of these groups I met my boyfriend, & I can honestly say that without him, I would never of survived the last 2 years, fate obviously has other plans for me.


That is exactly what I was on about, how can we be punished for these kind of things when it’s who we are :woman_shrugging:

I think we have an expiration date, it would explain how people have survived accidents that they shouldn’t have and would explain why people have had near death experiences where they’ve been met by someone who tells them that it’s not their time.

Apparently love keeps us connected with the afterlife and I believe that.


What gives me comfort is that I could feel my mums presense so strongly near the beginning.

I’ve had a lot of ‘coincidences’ to, her funeral song playing, randomly smelling cigarette smoke and perfume, it’s like it enters my nose one minute then disappears the next.

I’ve asked for certain symbols to be shown that she is still around and I have recieved them.

The best one was when I told her to show me a stag as I thought the symbols given was too obvious and I’d likely see them anyway and to be honest I laughed it off…

One day I decided to walk home on a different route, and I was on a street and I kid you not this stag appeared out of no where and sprinted across the road and right past me! What are the odds of that!

I kept finding white feathers and wanting to believe that they were coming from her, so I told her if she was going to send me anymore it would have to be in a less obvious place.

I got home from work the other day, and was drinking a can of pop, and I went to take another drink out of my can and there on my coaster was a white feather. I have no idea where it would have came from :woman_shrugging: it was bone dry as well so it wasn’t like it was just a feather stuck on the bottom of the can.

I did ask for a less obvious place though and thought “is she serious though under my can of pop” :rofl:

I’m sorry but I don’t believe we are here due to aliens but that’s just my opinion.

I am trying to go off what I’ve seen not for other people but for myself, as I do believe that we don’t know what happens for a reason.


I completely understand what you mean about not wanting to say that word, I to avoid using it.
And I am totally with you about religion causing so much conflict and things like that!

I have been to a few mediums and believe my mum has come through, as I was told things they shouldn’t have known. But they’ll always be part of me that doubts some things.

I’ve actually been considering trying a development class, to see for myself whether it’s real or not.

Another thing that happens to me a lot is I’ll get shivers and feel like I’m not alone. I may possibly be going mad with grief.

But yeah the love we have in our lives has got to mean something for sure.

I am on some sort of a journey where I feel I’m discovering new things but I do not know how to protray any of it yet but what I do know is that everything I ever thought and was told may have very well been a lie. Probably why I feel so lost right now.

It’s almost like my brain is rewiring itself but like I say it could be part of my grieving process but I just can’t accept that I will never see my Mum again, now that doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

I have never heard about them seeing us through puddles though, this is a new one and I do wonder where you got this belief from but like you say if it provides you comfort then what’s the harm x