I find that when people don’t want you, they don’t want you and it is best to accept it.

I am an empathetic person so I usually, within reason, comfort others.
But I have had to learn to withdraw and accept and be on my own rather than be there or with whom I am not wanted.

I have experienced mountains of rejection in my life, especially so after my parents died and I am even still a presentable woman and educated.

However, society is what it is and I cannot change that and rather than changing their mind, I am forced to accept it. There is no other way. People don’t want what they don’t want and better to hold your head up and go on your way.


Yes, there’s nothing less satisfying than “flogging a dead horse”, as we say in Yorkshire. But the benefit of letting toxic people go, is that it leaves space for new friends and interests, and to allow acquaintances to develop into friends.
I sometimes make a mental list of those I’ve let go, and those I’ve cultivated as friends. The second list is much longer than the first!