Reliving that moment - can't sleep

I know there’s a million thoughts running through this forum right now… But I’m stuck tonight, like a record… Cant fall asleep as I’m stuck reliving those few hours in resus with my dad. We bury him on Monday so don’t have that closure yet. I thought a in was doing so well today and now I’m wide awake scratching at every microscopic detail… Just reaching out, not sure whether for help or just spilling my words onto here so they are outnof my head. I just really missing him right now.


Hello @Buddleia9, I’m so sorry for the loss of your dad.

It’s really common to struggle with sleep when we’re grieving. Your loss is very recent so you may be experiencing some physical symptoms of grief, too.

Our Grief Guide has some tips on getting to sleep that you might find helpful too.

Relieving those moments is also really common - you are not alone. If you’re finding that it’s hard to think of anything else or it’s affecting your ability to function, it might be worth visiting your GP to see what further support they can offer.

Thank you for reaching out - take good care.


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Hi @Buddleia9
So sorry for the loss of your Dad. I lost my Gran (who I was so close to) 5 weeks ago and I relive thoughts too. From what I’ve read it’s very common, it’s your brain trying to make sense of what has just happened and trying to process.
There is no solution as such for any of this but a few things that help me:
Megan Devine’s book ‘it’s okay to not be okay’
The grief course on the meditation app headspace.
I’m having a real grief day today so just wanted to send my thoughts to you at this difficult time.


My thoughts are with you

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So sorry for your loss. Like others say, there’s no easy way and it’s your way of dealing with the emotions and the grief. The grief is better out than in. We all try to go over and over in our heads what we could have done differently, it’s just a coping mechanism at the time. Take care and big hugs. Take one day at a time. xx

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Thank you, that was just over two weeks ago and although I fall asleep easier, not a night goes by without me waking at the dreaded 2am-4am with thoughts of my dad(mainly in the hospital but now images at his funeral). My mind still thinks (although deeper down now) he is somewhere else, like he can’t possibly be gone… A constant in my lifetime, a provider & role model and the worst (I think) is the loss of the unconditional love that a parent gives. I talk to him constantly, letting him know what he’s been missing and what his grandsons have been up to.