Remaking a friendship.

The last nearly eleven months since my Mum passed away have been so awful but today felt different. My Mum was great friends with someone she worked with many years ago and stayed in touch with her friend until she died a number of years ago. I have been in touch with her daughter vaguely ever since and today, over 40 years since we last saw each other she and I met up. The chance to sit and chat about our Mums was so wonderful and share memories. I heard stories about my Mum I hadn’t heard before and the same for her she said.

Out of our joint sadness a friendship has been reformed. I felt so comfortable in her company and think she felt the same. We are planning to meet up again soon, certainly won’t be another 40 years!

I know things will still be hard for me sometimes but just wanted to share a more positive story on here.

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That’s lovely Mel, gives all of us something to smile about, what your mum liked in her friend and what her friend liked in her seems to have been passed down to their daughters !
All the best

That is so good to hear…its nice to share things and for you both to find comfort in each other…knowing that you are not alone really helps.