What are all your thought on remarrying?. I feel like its a betrayal to my late husband because if he hadnt passed away we would still married .but lots do remarry and are happy .thanks

It’s very much a personal thing. If fate had decreed that I had died first instead of her, what would I have liked her to do?
I would like her to do whatever made her happy, and remarried if she met someone who was most suitable.
I would apply the same criteria for me.
But I have absolutely no interest in having a new wife, because I’m too set in my ways, and too old,!

Thankyou for replying .its a difficult one i think a lot of why im asking this is because i feel i dont belong im that used to being a wife its strange not being one if that makes so probably i would be thinking about remarrying for the wrong reasons.

HI @Crystalou, you didnt mention how long you were married for, so this is the perspective of an old worn out codger.
For me, I was married for 50 years. I married her for love (she said it was more like lust!).
Of course it all changed over the years, becoming old codgers who looked after each other, argued, bantered, fought, laughed etc.
It changed into what it became because of the work done over the previous 49 years, becoming like a pair of old comfortable slippers.
Just getting a new pair of old slippers could never be enough without the shared experiences of wearing them out in the first place. I have female friends, with whom I get on very well, but we get on because we never, ever, want to cohabit, and never, ever, ever, be partners in any sense. Just good pals!
Being married was a difficult brilliant experience, but never to be repeated. I often think about that old film, the odd couple. Id be like one of them! Squeezing the toothpaste tube at the top??? Errr - probably not.

We were married for 29 years together 32 and what a brilliant way you put that across thankyou.ive a new pair of slippers that are slowly wearing in but non will compare to my old ones .

It might not be suitable for me, but I’d tell my my wife to have a relationship, if that’s what she wanted. I’d hate her to be lonely.
Ive always believed that marriage is highly preferable to cohabiting, because it makes us consider much more, and gives security.
So marriage would be ok for her, but not for me. Not that anyone would want an old curmudgeon like me

I feel like I would be betraying my gorgeous beautiful late wife not happening

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