Remembering Dad

Hi everyone I really don’t know where to start. I so miss my Dad who passed away unexpectedly at Christmas. I just feel lost and afraid and seem to crying more of late

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That is only natural. I still cry about losing Dad & Mom 3 years ago. Cry away as that is the best way to let out the grief and pain of your loss. Talk about him. Tell us about him if you want to. It is a way to keep him alive in your heart. Big hugs :people_hugging: big hugs.

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Thank you MomandDad

I know it’s inevitable that our parents will pass but when it happens it’s heart wrenching. As dad’s primary carer it’s feels so weird not having to ‘do’ if that makes sense. At the moment I feel so lost and alone and for some reason I’m struggling to make the simplest of decisions. I know friends and family say call if I need anything but I feel I would be encroaching in their lives. Everyone says be kind to yourself but what does that actually mean?!
At least the weather is predictable!