Remembering my lovely mum

I had an amazing childhood I remember so much about my life with my mum.
I was born in this country and from the age of 5 I lived in New York mainly for 11 years with my brother and my sister. Reason we lived in New York was my mum had a dancing career for over 40 years. She was famous worked with the likes of Michael Jackson loads of artists. We lived in hotels with a live in nanny while mg dad managed my mum. My siblings and I hardly seen my parents sometimes weeks on end. It was horrible never seeing them. We were privately tutored while my mum built her career. There was times I’d see my mum on telly it was hard growing up knowing other people had her to themselves. I was jealous but I had to accept it
It wasn’t until 198 we moved back to Britain as my mum was working with British artists like wham among many others.
My memories of my lovely mum I’ll always treasure them since she left me.

Hi @Steven

This is such a heartfelt walk through your childhood memories, @steven - thank you for sharing it with us :blue_heart:

Take good care,

Hi yes it wasn’t easy talking about this