I was hesitant to write this because I’m worried it’s going to make me sound like a bad husband but it’s just hit me that I can’t remember any conversations I had with my wife. I remember events, things we did, places we went, even stupid little things we did that were just between us but I’m trying my hardest to remember even just a snippet of a conversation and I can’t! I remember topics we talked about but I want to remember actual things she said. It’s making me wish I had written everything down, I’d sit and reread our conversations every night if I could. On top of that though it’s making me worry about what else I’ll forget as time goes on.

Good Morning Ish

It doesn’t make you sound like a bad husband at all, I didn’t remember conversations we had when Alison was here. I think we tend to remember the outcome rather than what was said. We all forget things over time, what you will never forget is the love you have for each other.



Hello Ish

No, it doesn’t make you sound like a bad husband, we all forget things in the passing of time I can forget things I said yesterday. I think we all remember things we did together in the past, especially the first time doing them.

One thing I was lucky to find was a load of letters she had kept, that we wrote to each other whilst I was serving in the army. I didn’t know she had kept them until I was going through some things in the attic after her death. There are 3 years of letters that I have managed to read and that didn’t half bring back some fantastic and lovely memories of what we were doing at that time.

Take care, Barry

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I found the journal my husband wrote when we went to Hong Kong and New Zealand 10 years ago. It made me sob my heart out but it was quite cathartic to read his words and remember the happy times.