I got upset today. I tried so hard to be strong but it’s so hard. My mum passed away a week ago and today i decided to go out for a couple of hours. Someone I know said how sorry they were to hear about my mum and asked how I was doing. I know they mean well but I got a little teary. Then I got a message from someone. Me and my mum had been doing a family tree together it was our thing. So when I got the message and was working out how we were related I got upset. I’d usually call my mum and let her know and we’d both do it together and be happy to have found more info but I cried. I can’t call my mum. I can’t share this with her :broken_heart:

Just want to say you are not alone. My Mum passed away just over a week ago and whenever someone says ‘I’m so sorry to hear about your Mum’ I just freeze and stare at them. Almost like the news paralyses me with every reminder.
I also hate when they say ‘hope you are ok’ because I feel never will be again :disappointed:
Sending you so much love and strength xx


Thank you for your response it means a lot that I’m not alone but as you’ll know it’s so hard feeling this way. I feel like I need to be strong I hate crying in front of others but I can’t stop myself getting emotional about losing her. I feel the same as you like I’ll never be ok again. I don’t see how I’ll ever be ok after this. I miss my mum so much.

Thank you for the love and strengh and sending you the same. Although I wouldn’t wish losing a parent on anyone I really appreciate talking to someone who understands exactly how I’m feeling :heart:

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I have definitely found talking about it to people who understand helps ever so slightly, I will take that at the moment with the world being so dark. I didn’t see myself having to deal with this loss for years yet, not that I would have ever been prepared to lose someone so incredibly special to me.

If you have to cry in front of someone, you do it. And if they don’t understand - well lucky them! Be kind to yourself. No one can truly understand the pain inside us. I will forever grieve the memories I never got to make but I do hope I can find the strength to carry on as I know my Mum would want me to. I hope we can eventually co exist with this anchor attached to us xx


So sorry to hear about your mum it’s so horrible. Impair my dad a month ago and Everything seems to have carried on around as normal around me I am going though the motions of life bur having a pain in my heart and stomach. I had a similar experience yesterday I went to the pharmacy and the woman works there said sorry to hear about my dad (we are in a small village so she knew him) and I burst into tears in the shop. The pain and feeling of wanting to talk to them is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. And I agree with you the are you ok commends are quite unhelpful.

I hope you manage to find some comfort in something at this time, xx

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