Retirement plans

I’ve been in my husbands shed today, he has spent the last year buying equipment for his hobby of wood turning. All set up ready for retirement. It just seems so pointless , he was so looking forward to retirement. It’s almost a feeling of why bother making plans when they are ripped so cruelly away from us.


Hi , I also have a shed like that . My husband had just started a hobby of making things with wood . Then he was diagnosed with cancer . After his treatment he built a shed with the old shed and other wood . Bought a laith and other equipment. He died three months later . That was over two and half years ago . I hate that shed , I could of ripped it down with my bare hands . All his tools still there waiting for him to use . Totally heartbreaking . I agree about making plans pointless . Cancer had other plans for him . Took him away from me and totally destroyed me . Xtake carex


@Estweyn and @Broken2222

This is similar for me as my husband and I were renovating our new home. I would get upset that he’d never see it finished. All of our plans for our retirement and none of it will happen now.

However, one night when I was walking across our living room lamenting this, a random thought entered my head (I like to think it was him). I was thinking how I’m feeling sorry for him missing out, when he is probably standing in the corner of the room, looking at me and pitying ME because he is in a place of absolute love, with no pain, no worries, his family around him. I miss him terribly. I will be his wife for the rest of my life until we are reunited. But material things like our home just won’t be important to him anymore - he’ll be more concerned with how I’m coping and trying to do what he can to comfort me.

I hope this helps you - because I know it definitely helped me. :heart:


I’m sure my husband has given me the strength to keep going . I really don’t know how I have made it so far. But knowing I was truly loved by such a special loving husband ,does help me . Also I can put up with what ever crap is in front of me . Just knowing my husband is free from pain and at peace . This is all I can do for him now . :cry:. One day I will be free from this pain of living without him , and at peace, with him for eternity . Xtake carex


That’s a beautiful thought, it’s just so sad when they were looking forward to retiring. It makes me really sad when I see all the effort he made into creating a lovely workshop. But I not getting rid of anything as my grandson has expressed an interest in woodwork and it would be lovely to see it used. X