Returning to work

My Dad passed away suddenly at the end of June, I took two weeks off work to return after the funeral. The first week I was on auto-pilot, I was in shock. Now that the funeral has been and gone I feel devastated and the negative feelings are becoming more real.

My first day back at work was on Friday and it was so difficult, everyone was lovely and trying to help but I’m still so utterly heartbroken, my brain had checked out from work related things the full day.
Now it is Sunday night and I am getting really anxious about going back again tomorrow, I really don’t feel ready to start a full week, when one day on Friday was so hard. I am feeling guilty about the potential of phoning work tomorrow morning to say I won’t be in, when I managed to go in on Friday.

I’m so so sorry for your loss hunni my loss is completely different from yours but do what feels right i wish I could take your pain away I promise I was 21 when I met my Edward nearly eighteen years together I’m only 40 all my hopes and dreams have been stolen from us in the most cruellest harrowing manner and I miscarried the second day time please look after yourself and your loved ones sending you a hug from one broken heart to another Adele x :broken_heart:

Thank you for sharing❤ It is the thought of all the missed opportunities in the future isn’t it, my dad was only 51 so I always thought I’d have him for more of my life. Hope you are being kind to yourself, it’s all anyone can expect.
Sharing and being open about these feelings helps a lot, sending a hug right back x

Thankyou sweetie :broken_heart::broken_heart::cry::cry:

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Hello, did you go to work today? Did you manage ok? This country should have Statutory Bereavement Pay for a month, ok, pay it at minimum wage or even less, but people should be allowed to take time off to get themselves together, and get some money whilst off. It is very sad you have lost your dad, any time you need someone to talk to, we are here.

Hello, thank you for replying
I didn’t go to work today, I phoned and they were very understanding. I’m thinking now of having a phased return back, I said I would try come in tomorrow for a half day but my mind races so much at night, the thought of it gets harder.
Just so much energy having to pretend I am okay and have to make conversation/do my job.

Thank you for your kind words.

Hi, that sounds like a very good idea, and I am glad that your workplace have agreed to it. Sorry to hear you’re still getting very anxious, it is early days for you and it happens to most people, hopefully you will feel a bit better soon.


Thank you, I am hopeful I will too, just take each day at a time.
I hope you are doing okay.